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1. "Mexican Christianity" In: The Encyclopedia of - Wiley Online Library

Consistent with the Latin American experi- ence, the history of Mexican
Christianity began with conquest. Christianity arrived in Mexico at the hands of
the conquistadores and priests associated with the subjugating Spanish culture.
After the exploratory efforts of Francisco de. Córdoba (1517) and Juan de Grijalva
Tags:Encyclopedia Christianity Mexican
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2. "The Hidden Mind" - Emotion, Memory and the Brain by - Brandeis

62 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. Updated from the June 1994 issue far from
explaining in a rigorous physio- logical sense this part of our mental expe- rience.
Neuroscientists have, in modern times, been especially concerned with the
neural basis of such cognitive processes as perception and memory. They have
for the most ...
Tags:Emotion Mind Hidden
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3. ' Nine Ball

JEFF ALLEN. I N'bbn. SPECIAL PREVIEW. Copyright ©2009 by Real Social
Dynamics, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. Except
as permitted under the United States Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this
publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or
stored in a.
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4. (2008). Evolutionary psychology is a metatheory for psychology

In D. M. Buss (Ed.), The handbook of evolutionary psychology (pp. 828–850).
New York: Wiley. Gangestad, S. W., & Simpson, J. A. (2007). The evolution of
mind: Fundamental questions and controversies. New York: Guilford. Geary,
D. C. (2005). The origin of mind. Washington, DC: American. Psychological
Tags:Evolutionary psychology metatheory
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5. (Callovian) Ammonites in Southern Alaska

Mesozo~c Ammonoidea, zn Moore, R. C., ed., Treatise on invertebrate
paleontology, Part L, Mollusca 4, Cephalo- poda, Ammonoidea: New York and
Lawrence, Kans.,. Geol. Soc. America and Kansas Univ. Press, p. L80-. L437.
Blake, J. F., 1905-07, A monograph of the fauna of the. Cornbrash: London,
Palaeontographical ...
Tags:Ammonites Callovian Alaska
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6. (sphagnum) evolution - American Journal of Botany

VON GOEBEL, K. 1930. Organographie der Pflanzen inbesondere der Arche-
goniaten und Samenpflanzen. 2. Bryopyten-Pteridophyten. Gustav Fi- scher,
Jena, Germany. WARNSTORF, C. 1911. Sphagnales-Sphagnaceae (
Sphagnologia Universalis). In H. G. A. Engler [ed.], Das Pflanzenreich, 1–546.
Wilhelm Englemann,.
Tags:evolution sphagnum American
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7. (symplocaceae) inferred from dna sequence data1 - American

disjunction; ITS; matK; phylogeny; rpl16; Symplocaceae; Symplocos; trnL–trnF. ....
Symplocos follows Brand (1901) except for the sectional classification of the ......
Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, Hungary. BRAND, A. 1901. Symplocaceae. In A.
Engler [ed.], Pflanzenreich IV, 242. Engelmann, Leipzig, Germany. CRONQUIST,
Tags:dna inferred symplocaceae
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8. 042999 Replacement of the Aortic Root in Patients - New England

SYNDROME. REPLACEMENT OF THE .... tic-root replacement at 10 surgical
centers (7 in North America and 3 in Europe) between ..... Barbara Dobbs and Dr.
Jorge Salazar at Johns Hopkins Hospital,. Ms. Autumn Hall and Ms.
Tags:Aortic Replacement Root
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9. 1 I007 New Items Report Between 01/01/2016 - Valencia College

Feb 1, 2016 ... American sign language demystified /. Mulrooney, Kristin J. CIRC. HV2476.4 .
M85 2010. 9780071601375 2010. VCCEA. DVD. Signing naturally. Lentz, Ella
Mae. pro drt. CIRC. HV2476.4 .S54 2008. 9781581212105 2008. VCCEA. DVD.
A Hand of Peace: Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust. David Naglieri.
Tags:Items I007 Report
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10. 1 JEREMY FREESE Department of Sociology Northwestern

2000, Indiana University, Sociology. Special Concentration: Survey and
Experimental Methodology. Minor: Social Semiotics of Language. Dissertation
Title: “What Should Sociology Do About Darwin?: Evaluating the Potential
Contributions of Sociobiology and Evolutionary. Psychology to Sociology” (
Winner, American ...
Tags:FREESE JEREMY Department
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